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Certified SmartTE Professional Services

Telnet-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are not going away anytime soon. It’s clear that when compared to browser-based WMS systems, telnet-based interfaces run much faster, are more resilient to dropped sessions, and are better suited to workflow optimizations. That is, as long as they work in conjunction with an enterprise-grade Smart Terminal Emulator.

Not many telnet software vendors out there make Smart clients. Even fewer get theirs right. If you have been forced to learn to code JavaScript -the programming language- only to strip a few characters off a barcode read, you know what we mean. Don’t waste any more time.

StayLinked makes the best Smart Terminal Emulator software in the world for Android devices.

StayLinked SmartTE is simple to set up, configure, and fine tune. It is so simple that we at StayLinked.Engineer will set up your Server and devices remotely. Yet, SmartTE is powerful. It is so powerful that you’re warehouse workers will two-fold their picking productivity only by applying Lean Warehouse practices without any changes in their workflow.

Only StayLinked SmartTE allows you to discover Lean Warehouse opportunities in your workflows. Other companies will try to copy our Lean Warehouse approach, but with a server-less telnet client there’s very little they would be able to discover. We, on the other hand, have accumulated years of experience uncovering lean practices in large warehouses around the world. This is why you want to hire a StayLinked.Engineer to set up your software.

Read on. Let us help you get the most out of your telnet-based system.