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StayLinked-Certified SmartTE Service Provider

About Us

StayLinked.Engineer is a consulting firm specialized in delivering nearshoring services related to StayLinked software. Our parent company, Ingeniería Móvil Aplicada de México, SA de CV, is legally constituted in Mexico City. We have been StayLinked-Certified Service Providers since 2016. For 3 years we were exclusive distributors of StayLinked software in Latin America. In 2017 we were granted the LatAm Partner of the Year award. In 2018 we were granted the Global StayLinked Engineer of the Year award.

Starting in year 2020, Honeywell began pre-licensing the StayLinked software in selected devices, and reselling the software for all other models through their traditional distribution channels. Facing such formidable competition, we decided to shift our energy towards the more sophisticated area of professional services. Workflow optimization, application modernization, and technical training, are essential services for getting the most out of the SmartTE solution, and yet Honeywell provides none of such professional services.

Outsourcing nearshoring advanced SmartTE configuration services with StayLinked.Engineers will provide you with the most cost-effective way of realizing bottom-line benefits in your warehouse operations, regardless of the maker, model and operating system of your devices.

Without a doubt, you will not find any Solutions Architect or Sales Engineer in the Americas, from any hardware manufacturer, with the level of expertise that we have gained over the years.

Ingeniería Móvil Aplicada de México, SA de CV. Avenida Primero de Mayo 120 piso 2A. Col. San Andres Atoto. 53500 Naucalpan, Estado de México.

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