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Workflow Optimization

Workflow optimization increases the productivity of your operation by implementing Lean Warehouse practices. SmartTE can discover Lean Warehouse opportunities because every barcode scan, every keystroke, every screen navigated by the users, is captured in non-intrusive logs that our engineers retrieve from your StayLinked server. These logs uncover bad habits to which workers have become accustomed because they know, or have been told so, that any improvement that requires a change in the WMS is automatically out of discussion. These bad habits, however, slow down the workers’ productivity in every iteration, in every scan, in amounts that should outrage any warehouse supervisor. Frequent examples of bad habits are the following:

  • unnecessary keystrokes
  • error-prone repetitive steps
  • data capture errors
  • duplicate scan reads
  • unnecessary back and forth navigation, only to review information displayed in previous screens

Transforming a text-based menu in a graphic interface is only one of many Lean Warehouse practices because it eliminates unnecessary keystrokes.

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