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SmartTE Training

On-site or On-line training designed to help you master the industry’s best Terminal Emulation software.

We recommend a 3-day training class. The first two days are dedicated to learn about the Server, the console, and the client. The last day is optional, and can be dedicated to discover one Lean Warehouse opportunity in your actual production environment. This is a very inexpensive way to get started in the process of continuous improvement of warehouse workflows.

Day 1

Basic configuration:

Host Groups and Device Groups.

Keyboard and scanner, testing and customization.

Most frequent errors.


Day 2

Advanced features:

Dynamic screen reformatting.

Regular expressions.

Screen recognition.

Day 3

Lean Warehouse:

Discovery of productivity killers.

Design of Lean Warehouse solution.

Debugging and Quality Assurance.

Implementing gradual roll-out of final solution.

Knowledge Requisites

  • the student must be familiar with common network troubleshooting commands, such as ping, tracert, ipconfig.
  • the student must be able to install third-party applications outside the Google Play Store.
  • Basic programming logic, such as boolean expressions, loops, local and global variables, and text concatenation.
  • Windows Telnet configuration experience (optional).

Material Requisites

  • Windows 10 laptop, with 8GB of free RAM, 100GB free disk. No Macs, please.
  • Pre-installed StayLinked software.
  • Android 8.0-or-better RF device, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Optional, second monitor for On-Line classes.


Ideally, the customer would arrange for a physical venue, with projector and a large screen.

Starting 2022 we resume on-site training classes. Online classes will always remain an option.


The price for a 3-day training class for up to 10 students is USD $6,000.

Travel expenses would add in average USD $2,500 to any US city.

I cannot thank you enough for the training and your assistance [with a real-world customer].

Carlos Cárdenas, Honeywell Solutions Architect

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